• Spring Special Exhibition: “Do You Know about the Yayoi Period? – 2,000 Years Ago in Hyogo”

    Apr. 17 (Sat.) – Jul. 4 (Sun.), 2021

     It has recently been known that the Yayoi Period lasted for over 1,000 years from the 10th century BC to 3rd century AD. Many changes occurred during this period: rice farming in paddy fields became prevalent; people began to use metalwork; active exchange with the Asian continent started; and society grew from villages to a State. These changes have led up to today’s lifestyles.
     Various topics related to the Yayoi Period will be introduced in an easy-to-understand manner to inspire interest in a wide range of age groups, including children who are learning history.

  • Summer Project Exhibition: “Excavation of Awaji Island”

    Jul. 22 (Thu./Holiday) – Aug. 29 (Sun.), 2021

     Awaji Island is on the Japan Heritage list as the first island in Japan’s creation myth. By showcasing the excavated artifacts that have rarely been open to the public so far, the exhibition highlights the rites practiced on the island and the political relationships and exchanges within the island and with the external world.

  • Autumn Special Exhibition: “Guardian Deities on the Roof – Shibi and Shachihoko”

    Oct. 2 (Sat.) – Nov. 28 (Sun.), 2021

     Shibi and Shachihoko are roof tile ornaments installed at the most prominent place of a building. Shibi, shaped like a bird’s wing, were primarily installed on the roofs of ancient temples. Shachihoko, representing a fish with the face of a dragon, were primarily installed on the roofs of castle keeps. In addition to making the building look magnificent, they contain people’s wishes to prevent fire and other disasters.
     Visitors will be able to see up close the intricate expressions and elegant decorations on Shibi and Shachihoko, symbols of temples and castles, and learn about their changes throughout history and people’s wishes contained therein.

  • Winter Project Exhibition: “Archaeological Sites in Hyogo 2022 – Latest Research Results”

    Jan. 15 (Sat.) – Mar. 13 (Sun.), 2022

     The results of excavation research conducted by Hyogo Prefecture are presented in this exhibition.
     Selected items from archaeological sites in the FY2020 research report and artifacts that were discovered in past excavation research and designated as cultural properties by the prefecture will be on display.

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